Kyle & Saika Weir

Central Idea: Teachers that are dedicated and passionate about their students will have dedicated and passionate students.

Kyle's Experience

Saika's Experience

A Classroom Comes to Life!

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Communication is Key

Here's a sample of Saika's English B MYP Newsletter & Kyle's P6 PYP Newsletter @ our current Stonehill International School. Click to scroll.

We hope this acts as a glimpse into our passion for engaging learning experiences and value in maintaining strong communication with parents.

Saika's newsletter goes out twice a semester and is written in English, Japanese, and Korean. The latter, Saika achieved through the help of her previous Korean students' CAS (Creativity Activity Service) project.

Kyle's newsletter goes out weekly and is loaded with photos of students engaged in their learning. 

Saika's 2022 Newsletters pdf     Saika's 2023 Blog

Kyle's 2022 Newsletters pdf    Kyle's 2023 Newsletters pdf

Click the link above to watch a video of our family's school spirit in full (triathlete) form!

To the right, you'll notice photos of dancing, adventure, sport, and more. We try to live balanced lives with emphasis on the outdoors, family, and friends.

We spend our summers in Canada, where to boys learn so much from nature and about themselves. In Japan, they explore theme parks and dog parks.

Kyle's Extra Curricular Activity

Kyle is a football coach again this year. He has also coached tennis and badminton teams through successful seasons and tournaments. He has led engaging and instructional dodgeball, hockey, basketball, and ping pong after school activities. He loves scrabble, crosswords and chess too!

Kyle has a strong camping background from his 13 summers at Camp Hurontario (a Canadian wilderness tripping camp). There, he learned how to canoe, kayak, sail, climb/ropes, set up camp, portage, appreciate nature, and much more. He instilled these skills and values in his campers during his last 4 summers as a counselor himself.

Kyle loves sports, especially tennis, squash, baseball, and football. He's completed many solo cycling adventures across the globe, including China, Italy, France, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and India. These experiences have helped Kyle become more open-minded with adversity for risk, problem-solving, and real world challenges.

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Saika's Extra Curricular Activity

Saika has taken her Hula dancing experience and passed it onto Stonehill's Primary Hula Dance Squad! They practiced during their After School Activity (ASA) time and performed for others to enjoy some Hawaiian culture and dance.

Saika has also instructed dodgeball and Japanese language for her ASA too. Saika knows how to make her classes fun and they are often quite popular among students.

Saika is also a yoga enthusiast and a real hardcore 'boot-camper' (HIIT), attending workouts thrice weekly. She is both happy and able to host a number of exciting extra curricular activities.