Kyle's Bio

Living and traveling overseas has been fantastic. I've met so many different and fabulous people across the globe and keep many close to me to this day. I continue to learn much about myself through experiences that I could have only had out here.

I've completed many journeys on two wheels; by bicycle (China, Japan, Italy, France, Taiwan, India, Thailand-Vietnam) and by motorcycle (Czech-Croatia, Taiwan & North-South Laos). Many challenges came in a variety of ways, but they all helped me discover more about myself and the power of kindness, creativity, positive-thinking, and adventure.

From Canada to Beyond

I grew up in Canada alongside three brothers and two loving parents. My brothers and I often played outside together and shared many adventures.

I graduated with a degree in commerce from Dalhousie university, but wanted to keep the adventures going. So, shortly after graduating, I hopped on a plane bound for Taiwan. 

The plan was to learn Mandarin (which I did) and find a creative business opportunity. I taught EAL English while in Taiwan (learned a lot) and fell in love with teaching. So, I pursued a teacher career. I attended The College of New Jersey to obtain an Elementary Teaching Certificate and a Masters in Education. 

I continue to love learning and am always interested to challenge myself and learn something new.