Authentic Learning Experiences

Learning a new language is difficult. Giving students choice and the ability to get creative engages them. Applying language into a realistic context is useful and powerful. 

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Interactive English

My EAL learners always get opportunities to use what they learn with each other in fun and interractive ways. Here students are sharing their creative superlative and comparative adjectives stories with each other and providing feed forward.

Fully Trained to Help EAL Learners

In addition to my Bachelors in Education, I also hold a 180 hour Intesol Worldwide certificate (Business English & Young Learners). Furthermore, I sought professional development in obtaining my WIDA certificate. We use WIDA frequently for assessments, placement, and progress measurements.

Taking on New Roles & Responsibility in EAL

This year I took on a new role as the EAL Co-ordinator at Stonehill International School. This involves overlooking the wellbeing and appropriate placement of all the EAL students in the secondary school. I also train new teachers and help them through classroom observations and evaluations.  Strong organization and social skills, alongside my dedication and passion have helped this role go smoothly. 

EAL students require additional care and personalized attention, which can be challenging to provide within a bustling classroom environment. When faced with the complexities of a foreign language, these students may experience a sense of disorientation, which can lead to disengagement. My role is to provide the necessary support to keep them on track, guiding them towards reconnecting with their peers and equipping them with strategies to actively and confidently participate in their learning journey.